Magento 2 Security Audits

Security testing for your Magento 2 store is vital to keep customer data safe, prevent breaches, and maintain trust. It helps find and fix weaknesses, ensuring compliance with rules and defending your store from cyber threats, which keeps your business and customers secure.


While performing an audit on your store, we cover a range of areas, such as

Past Work

While performing the Audits for clients in the past, we've identified various issues, put in place temporary fixes and worked with the vendors to implement permanent changes to their modules. Some of these include:

Free Advice

Some of our top recommendations for keeping your ecommerce store safe are:

Implementing a ecommerce specific malware scanning tool such as This will scan your application install and database for common and new vulnerabilities, and its regarded as the gold standard for Magento Application security.

File Integrity checking solutions are a very effective way to identify if any files have been unexpectedly modified to contain malicious code


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