Magento Security

Having been around in Magento 2 development and hosting for close to a decade, we have seen our fair share of code riddled with security issues and the results of such code. During migrations of new clients to our platform, in over half the cases we tend to find some form of Malware on the stores.

Malware Scanning

Its vital if your running an Ecommerce Website, that you are running Malware Scanning. And in a lot of cases its a requirement for PCI compliance.

We can help you configure Magento specific Malware scanning through Ecomscan by SanSec. They offer both a free and paid version of the software, but we highly recommend the paid version as it makes identification and removal of Malware easy.

Ontop of this, we can offer Malware identification, analysis to understand exactly what it was doing on your site along with cleanup.

Security Audits

We can provide you with various levels of security Audits, both for code level issues in modules / themes. Server configuration issues and even Magent core issues. Some of the stuff that can be included in the audit is:

  • Installed Modules / Custom Code
  • Magento Application Health
  • Server Configuration
  • Core Magento Integrity checks
  • Google Indexing Reports

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