Managed Hosting

We believe in a bespoke hosting solution, that is tailored to your business needs. Since every client has different requirements in regards to price, downtime resillience, traffic throughput, seasonal traffic etc. (While we provide a rough price calculator, please get in touch so we can provide a quote to your exact requirements.)

Hosting Providers

If you have a prefered hosting partner or on-premise hardware we are normally able to accomodate. Otherwise we tend to offer solutions utilising the following providers dependent on price/client specification.


Backups are a vital part of a websites infrastructure. But dependent on risk tolerance different buisness have different requirement

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Security Testing

We offer security audits for both Magento 2 modules, and Magento 2 stores as a whole. By offering both red and blue team audits, it allows for us to gain a good picture of how secure your site is.

Some of the areas we test are:

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Magento Development

We are Magento developers at our core, with a wealth of commercial experience in both Magento 1 / Magento 2 / Magento 2 Commerce.

The main services we offer are:

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Dev Ops

Looking for help with the operations side of things? We can integrate with your existing development team to provide devops support.

Some example projects that we've done in the past

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