Website Hosting

We provide fully managed bespoke hosting solutions, that are tailored made to the clients needs and specifications. Starting at single instance servers, and range all the way up to High Availability, Load Balanced solutions. The below details are just a rough guide, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


We focus our expertise around hosting PHP Solutions. Everything from your standard Wordpress site, across to Magento 2 stores, and even Bespoke PHP applications.

Even if we don't explicitly support your platform, get in touch. We are always looking to expand into supporting more platforms.

A cluster of PHP platform images such as Magento, Laravel and Wordpress
Clipart of a server connecting to two clients

Hosting Vendors

We hand pick the infrastructure provider, on a per project basis depending on your requirements. Everything from low budget solutions, flexible and rapid scalability to getting the most performance for your cost.

We have experience working with the following providers, although we are open to trialing new vendors if you have specific requirements.


As standard, we provide all of our services with OS level snapshots. This allows us in the event of hardware failure or data loss, to restore the whole machine onto another instance, switch the DNS and be back online and running in a short time period.

We also offer the ability to configure extra backups, such as application level. Where we take a snapshot of the Database and application code on a regular interval and send these off to a centeral backup manager host. Which then in turn ships the artifacts to cold storage with various cloud providers for data security, whilst managing retention of older archives.

Clipart of a cloud backup
Infinite loop icon of CI/CD deployments


We also help to bridge the gap, between your development and deploying the software. If required we can provide specalised DevOps services to make sure your getting the most out of the hosting your paying for. Some of the services we offer is as follows:

  • GitOps based Empheral Hosts (Feature Hosts)
  • Zero Downtime Deployments (ZDD)
  • Diaster Recovery
  • Continous Integration and Deployment Pipelines

Get In Touch

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