Magento 2 Developer Operations (DevOps)

Having a strong set of devops practises in place is vitial, for continued success in the Magento ecosystem. With the scale of the software and competitivness nature of Ecommerce, quick iterations, isolated feature tests and zero downtime deployments are a vital.

Some ways we have helped other business improve their development operations are listed below

Local Docker Development Environments

Docker is a great piece of tooling expecially when working within teams. It allows us to ensure every developer has the exact same software versions installed, to provide a consistent development experience. We can also easily upgrade/downgrade sotware versions within a single file, for testing Magento 2 updates.

Empheral (Feature) Host Environments

Empheral environments are often overlooked in Magento. But are a great way to allow for QA or Client testing of features prior to release, and can be configured to run with stripped production data. Which allow us to test with as close to production data as we can.

Continous Deployment

Continous deployment is a key practise in recent years, it reduces risk by reducing the amount of developes who need access to production systems. It provides a clear and consise instructions set for deployments.

Zero Downtime Deployments

When it comes time to deploy, Magento is complex and slow. A true Zero downtime deployment is more hastle than its worth. But we can get a near zero downtime deploy, where only database actions will trigger downtime (Installing/Removing modules etc). By pairing this with CI/CD you can deploy large Magento stores with no noticable impact to customers.

Self Hosted Sentry

Effective Logging is very important in Ecommerce stores. Although it can get very pricy, expecially if you manage multiple. Self hosting Sentry is a good way to keep cost down, and support a large amount of ingestable data.

Diaster Recovery

Diaster recovery is the most important part of any online business. Yet is often the part that is overlooked until its too late. There are many reasons when you may need to restore/access backups while running a online store. We can create and tailor a backup solution custom to your needs, storing backups in multiple cloud spaces, automated integrity testing.


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