Magento 2 Development

At our core we are Magento 2 developers, who have a very strong understanding of both Magento 2 development and how Magento is hosted. This puts us in a unique position where we can help develop and host Magento stores with full knowledge of the entire application.

Performance Optimisations

A very common myth we hear is that Magento 2 is slow, or requires large and expensive hardware. This is FALSE.

Usually this standpoint is iterated by developers who do not understand how Magento works, and writes either unperformant code or stuffs a store full of modules of various quality and is unable to debug what went wrong.

We specalise in optimising custom code, 3rd party modules and even core Magento code. Typically we expect a Magento page to render in around 400ms or less, and anything over 1000ms is likely to have problems.

Some of the Services we offer around performance optimisations are:

  • Performance Audits
  • Module / Code optimisations
  • Consultancy / Training
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Module Development

With over a decade of Magento development experience across both Magento 1 and Magento 2. We are able to offer custom developed module to implement or change the way your site works.

We can also offer custom work to modify functionality of existing extensions if they dont quite meet your business needs in stock form.

Bug Fixing / Identification

Do you have a issue where something is not behaving as it should? Is it related to custom work, an installed module, or even core Magento? We have an extensive history in identify issues, and help vendors implement fixes for the issues. Or even develing persistant modules in the cases vendors decide the bug is not worth fixing.

Clipart renderer Bug
Migration between two servers

Site Migrations

We are able to help with the migration of your store from other platforms into the Magento 2 EcoSystem. Making sure any custom data from your old platform is mapped into an equivilant place in Magento 2, either core or an extension. Some of the platforms we have migrated from in the past are:

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